Inner Rhythms, Joyful Voice! - Company Message
Hi!  This is Ellie, owner of Inner Rhythms, Joyful Voice! 

I am so glad you came to this website.  Home page is gone for a little bit while I update my Website.  Alas - I am much better at singing, teaching, healing and art than website design and computer work.  That said, come back into this site to see what I've created!

You can still go to my "It's Me" page.  Feel free to "Contact Me" as well. The "Testimonials" and "Articles" are accurate glimpses into what lessons are
like and how I work with people.

Thank you for being curious.  My life is daily an experiment fueled by curiosity.   

I leave you (for about a week) with this: 

Sing with Abandon! 
For there is magic in the joining of all your Voices!  
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